Women in Mining Toronto Branch

The Women in Mining Toronto Networking Branch (WIM) is a lively and informal group of about 1,000 women (and men too!) who work across the spectrum of the mining industry. We meet every month from September to June, over lunch, always with a speaker, and time to network with your mining counterparts.

WIM can trace its origins to 1969 when females in the industry were such a rarity that the handful of women geologists active then were deemed worthy of an article in The Northern Miner. The editor must have liked the article, for he told the reporter who penned it (also a geologist) to take her interviewees out for lunch. The four who sat down on that occasion enjoyed themselves so much, they decided to lunch again. And they did, every now and then, and those in attendance grew in number, eventually organizing themselves to the extent of having a mailing list and regular gatherings. The rest, as they say, is history.

Sadly, two of the four who sat down for that original lunch have since succumbed to cancer, so it is particularly appropriate that WIM’s collective fundraising efforts (since 2007) go to support the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. As of 2013 our Fighting Cancer team raised $477,536. In 2014 our team drove this number over the $677,000 mark by raising another $200,000! (heartfelt thanks to Jane Werniuk, former Chair and corporate sponsor Agnico Eagle). In 2015 our team raised our cumulative total to over $750,000! In 2016 our aim is to raise $100,000 for the cause through fundraisers like our Summer Mine Jam on August 11th. Check out our Fighting Cancer page .

WIM has forged strategic alliances with, Women Who RockWomen in LeadershipWomen in Capital Markets, Women’s Law Association of Ontario, !Xam Diamonds, and Royal Ontario Museum, bringing our membership exciting evening events and more networking opportunities.

Our Co-Chairs are Danièle Spethmann and Cathy Hume. Our Social Media Coordinator is Annie Laurenson. Please feel free to drop us an email with any questions or use the form on our contact page. Our generous luncheon sponsor is Dentons who provide us with their beautiful boardrooms and subsidize our delicious lunches.

We also have a LinkedIn Group called WIM Toronto. Click on Join Subgroup (WIM Toronto is a subgroup of WIM International). If you aren’t already a LinkedIn member you will need to sign up for a free LinkedIn membership.

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